We all felt it very clearly: The summers are getting hotter and hotter and it is raining less and less. 2019 was one of the three warmest years in measurement history in Austria. The 14 warmest years in the 252-year history of measurements were in the recent past, which is why there is more and more drought in many countries worldwide. LITE-SOIL recommends a sustainable method to fight climate change.

Temperature deviations, Austria

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Bad for us, bad for our plants. You can’t keep up with watering, so to speak. Who does not know the situation: Whether plants, trees, lawns, everything dies and has to be replanted again at high cost.

The maintenance costs for hobby gardeners, municipalities, professionals in the garden and landscape gardening are enormous!

That means we need water-saving products that will help our plants grow sustainably, and that’s exactly what LITE-SOIL products do.

Based on a long experience in the field of geotextiles, LITE-SOIL had the completely new and innovative idea to face the challenges of climate change by using geotextiles in a completely new form (LITE-STRIPS – strips and LITE-NET – nets). LITE-STRIPS and LITE-NET are incorporated into the soil underground, allowing the water to reach where the plants need it.

Water storage for plants

Watering where the plants need it: Right by the roots!

With conventional irrigation systems, irrigation takes place almost exclusively from above, which means that extremely large amounts of water evaporate. Also, the water often seeps past the roots somewhere in the ground, so that these are not watered sufficiently. In addition, these conventional systems are associated with extremely high maintenance and damage, for example to hoses. With conventional surface irrigation, a lot of precious water is wasted through evaporation and is not used effectively. An effective solution is the extremely water-storing biodegradable or sustainable LITE-STRIPS. Simply mix them into the soil, for example for flower pots, flower boxes, lawns, raised planting beds, vegetable gardens, etc.

save water Lite-Soil temperature Austria 2019

1 kilo LITE-STRIPS stores about 10 liters of water. If the soil is damp, you save the water; if the soil is dry, the docked roots get the necessary water out. This means that you need much less water, the soil is loosened up and the plants grow much better. These LITE-STRIPS were used to develop complete systems in net form (LITE-NET) for outdoor use.

These guide the water like a vein of water to where the plant needs it, namely directly to the roots and the water does not seep away somewhere in the soil as is the case with normal above-ground irrigation

With LITE-SOIL products, 70% of the water that is becoming increasingly precious for gardening, landscaping and agriculture can be saved. Watering intervals are drastically increased, resulting in massive cost reductions as less maintenance is required and there is water savings. Green your home sustainably with our products. Let’s work against the resulting biomass C02 and let’s cool the environment together. Let’s fight climate change together.

Water storage for plants

True to our motto “Every drop counts!” we have our finger on the pulse of time! You can also help us with this! Together we can do it!