LITE-SOIL: The innovative and sustainable water storage for your plants!


Here you will find the many possible applications for LITE-SOIL products and how LITE-SOIL can help you save water and create sustainable greenery!

Water is precious and will be even more precious in the future. We want to contribute to a greener and healthier world! You too can make a sustainable contribution.

Our products are derived from geo-textile developments and many years of experience with outdoor construction projects. Our products help to save water massively but also time and other resources. The applications also promote plant growth and plant health & beauty. Through more green we can also counteract global warming!

pots, planters

raised planting beds, beds, vegetable beds

balcony boxes

trees, bushes & shrubs


athlelic fields, soccer fields

growing of rolled turf

roof greening

slope greening



Urban Gardening

Beautiful and healthy plants

water storage for plants

Up to 70% water saving!

water storage for plants

Extends the watering intervals

water storage for plants

No more worries about long absences

save water and time

each drop counts!



  • The solution for longer absences
  • Irrigates AND aerates your plants
  • Ideal peat substitute!
  • Stores water directly at the roots
  • Optimal supply of the plants
  • Loosened and better aerated soil
  • Reduces the maintenance effort
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Low weight
  • Sustainable greening

See for yourself

Convince yourself of the advantages and benefits that LITE-SOIL brings you and also how easy it is to use.

each drop counts!

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each drop counts!

LITE-SOIL: The innovative and sustainable water storage for your plants!