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BLUELITE-NET 28m² underground irrigation

Modern subsurface irrigation for improved plant growth


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BLUELITE-NET 28m² underground irrigation

The BLUELITE-NET system is an optimal solution for water-saving underground irrigation for lawns, athletic fields or trees.
It consists of 2 elements: A non-woven net (LITE-NET) and a drip irrigation tube with a non-woven covering (BLUELITE-TUBE) laid directly on it. The water from the flexible hose is evenly released via the extremely robust non-woven coating into the LITE-NET underneath, where it is distributed capillary over a large area in the root zone of the plants. Roots can easily grow through the net openings!


lawns, slope greening, athletic fields, soccer fields, slopes, trees, shrubs, raised planting beds, beds, vegetable beds, Urban Gardening


  1. Loosen subsoil, remove existing turf when renewing.
  2. Place the LITE-NET and pull it apart to a width of approx. 1.3 to 1.8 m.
  3. Lay BLUELITE-TUBE directly on top. Spacing approx. 50-60 cm for water-permeable soils (e.g. sand), otherwise approx. 60-70 cm. If necessary, fix with pegs or some soil.
  4. Cover with soil or substrate to root depth (approx. 8-15 cm for lawn), compact and sow or lay turf.
  5. Connect, pour - done.


  • Up to 70% water saving compared to spray irrigation
  • Supplies roots precisely and evenly
  • Area usable during irrigation
  • Protection against root ingrowth, fines & vandalism
  • No evaporation, felting, waterlogging
  • Simple installation, low maintenance


The water storage fleece LITE-NET as well as the non-woven covering are made of 100 % polypropylene, made in Austria.

technical data/size:

  • Flexible, 16.1 mm drip tube with non-woven covering (BLUELITE-TUBE) for 17 mm push-in connections, wall thickness 1.2 mm, pressure-compensated drippers at 33 cm intervals, each with 2.3 l/h flow rate at 0.59 to 4.14 bar. Required filtration 125 micron. It is recommended to use a ½" aeration and deaeration valve. length 50 m.
  • 6 mm thick water storage and distribution net (LITE-NET) with 85-90% pore content. Maximal size 28 m² bei 1,7 x 16,3 m.

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