The innovative and sustainable water storage for your plants!


100% biodegradable or durable in 3 materials:


100 % Biodegradable after approx. 1-2 years

The water storage nonwoven Bio1 consists of 100 % cellulose fibres, in simple terms wood. This completely biodegrades after approx. 1 season up to 2 years. Ideal, therefore, for annual plants (flowers, tomatoes and other vegetable plants) or because you only want to support plants, turf or green slopes in the vegetation phase.


100 % Biodegraded/composted after approx. 5-10 years

The water storage nonwoven Bio5 consists of 70 % PLA (polylactide) and 30 % cellulose fibres. The fleece is completely biodegraded or composted after approx. 5-10 years. Ideal, therefore, for all types of plants, including perennials or because you want to reuse the LITE-STRIPS or the LITE-NET several times even for annual plants.


100 % sustainable & durable

The water storage nowoven PP consists of 100 % sustainable polypropylene fibres. So ideal for all kinds of plants, especially perennials or because I want to use the LITE-STRIPS and LITE-NET again and again. Incorporated into the soil, the nonwoven functions permanently as a water reservoir.

For larger quantity of irrigation for pots, please contact us here.

The innovative and sustainable water storage for your plants!