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LITE-STRIPS Bio1 2,5 l

Water storage for plants

LITE-STRIPS Bio1 2,5 L are non-woven strips of cellulose close to the roots and organic water storage. They are mixed into the soil to save water: 10 l of the LITE-STRIPS plant water storage can store up to 9 l of water.


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LITE-STRIPS Bio1 2,5 l

The root-near cellulose strips and bio-water reservoirs are 100% biodegradable water storage fleeces in strip form for mixing into the soil. This means that the cellulose strips are located directly near the roots and not, for example, at the bottom of the flower pot. Plants can therefore access the water in the irrigation fleece much more easily and effectively, for the same reason LITE-STRIPS cannot be doused. 10 litres of LITE-STRIPS store up to 9 litres of water.1 season to 2 years later, the LITE-STRIPS Bio1 are completely biologically degraded. For this purpose, the cellulose strips are mixed into the soil (depending on the application, between 2 and 20% volume).Optimal for potted plants, balcony plants, raised beds, lawns and more.

Installation instructions

  • TREES & BUSCHE: Mix approx. 10-20 l per pit into the soil near the root ball. LITE-STRIPS can be combined very well with LITE-NET growth nets.
  • HOCHBEETS & PLANT TROPS: mix approx. 5-10 % of the volume into the soil. The 2.5 l bag can hold up to 50 l soil. LITE-STRIPS help plants to survive longer periods of drought.
  • PORTS, LAW SURFACES, PRAYING, bolstery: Mix approx. 1 l LITE-STRIPS per m² into the soil layer down to root depth, e.g. with a rake.
  • >a href="https://www.lite-soil-shop.com/anwendungen-und-beipiele/anwachsen-von-rollrasen/">>strong>ROWLEY TURF: >/a> Mix approx. 0.5 - 1 l per m² LITE-STRIPS into the top 10 cm of soil. Up to 90% of the fleece volume can be filled with water, thus helping plants to survive longer periods of drought.


  • Watering only half as often
  • Saves water directly at the roots
  • Better growth, sustainable growth
  • Loosened up and better aerated soil
  • Ideal also for peat-free soil!


Trees, bushes, raised beds, pots, plant troughs, flower boxes, sports fields, lawns, vegetable beds, embankment greening, rolled turf


LITE-STRIPS Bio1 - The biological water reservoirs are cellulose strips made of 100% cellulose fibres, manufactured in Austria.


2.5 l, 120 g - sufficient for up to 50 l of soil

Additional information

Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 9.5 × 14.5 × 27 cm

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Die innovativen und nachhaltigen Wasserspeicher für Ihre Pflanzen!

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