The innovative and sustainable water storage for your plants!

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More irrigation for pots: Water and air is where the plant needs it: To the roots. The result of these applications is sustainable plant growth and plant splendour.

Watering for pots: LITE-STRIPS help plants get through longer periods of drought. Watering intervals are extended, and in the event of an impending absence (e.g. holidays or business trips) or time pressure, the plants are simply watered more than usual before. The water is 100% available to the roots when needed and the plants are also aerated.

Also ideal for pots in cemetries – especially for older people – so that they do not have to water so often. LITE-STRIPS sotre the excess water and release it again when the soil becomes dry.

Especially for big pots and planters – ideally in addition to the LITE-STRIPS – a LITE-POT XL nonwoven insert (85 x 200 cm) should be inserted at the bottom. This is simply cut to the size of the pot. On the one hand, the 13 mm thick LITE-POT XL nonwoven insert stores excess water like a sponge and, on the other hand, drains excess water through the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot. This also prevents the plants from being overwatered. Through the holes in combination with the nonwoven insert at the bottom, the roots can also be aerated from below. The LITE-POT XL fleece insert stores the water and releases it later to the plant when needed. LITEPOT XL saves daily watering and simplifies the care of your plants. The recycled water storage nonwoven can be used several times and stores approx. 12 l/m2 Wasser.

It also prevents bursting in winter due to water accumulation. The filter function retains soil and thus reduces contamination of the surrounding soil or terrace/balcony.




Mix approx. 5-10% of the volume of the extremely water-retaining LITE-STRIPS into the soil of your pots and planters. Depending on the size of the pot and biodegradability (Bio1 und Bio5) or pernanent (PP) the following products are available:

1. LITE-STRIPS Bio1 2,5 l + LITE-STRIPS Bio1 10 l + LITE-STRIPS BIo1 25 l


2. LITE-STRIPS Bio5 2,5 l + LITE-STRIPS Bio5 10 l + LITE-STRIPS Bio5 25 l


The 2.5 l bag is sufficient for up to 50 l of soil, the 10 l box for up to 200 l of soil, the 25 l bag for up to 500 l of soil.

Water storage


LITE-POT XL is very easy to use! Place LITE-POT XL on the bottom of planter, ideally with the slightly denser side on top. If necessary, simply cut to size, the nonwoven insert can also be pulled up a little at the sides. Place soil on top, plant, water sufficiently, done! Can be ideally LITE-STRIPS combined.

LITE-POT XL 85 x 200 cm, thickness: 13 mm

water storage for plants
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The innovative and sustainable water storage for your plants!