In order to have a large garden with colorful flowers, healthy plants and trees, you need to be extra careful and know at least a little bit about gardening. An important question concerns watering: How, when and how often should we water our garden? Below you will find tips for a dream garden.

How much should I water my garden?

It is better to water sufficiently than often and little. If you water often but little, the roots don’t get enough water because the water stays on top.

Shrubs, perennials and vegetables from below, never water from above. Never water the leaves directly with any species!

When should I water my garden?

Never at noon! But in the morning or in the evening.

Due to the high heat during the midday sun, the water evaporates and prevents all the water from reaching the roots. If above-ground irrigation is used, the drops on the flowers and foliage will cause burns. Use an underground irrigation system to prevent the water from evaporating and damaging the plants.

How often should I water my garden?

As needed!

The hotter, the more common. Clear! But how could we know if the plants or the lawn need more or less water? One tip is to measure with your finger: the soil should be at least two centimeters moist. You can simply test it yourself with your finger.

Have you heard about LITE-NET? This is a geotextile mesh that acts as an underground irrigation system while saving water. It is an easy to install product, made in Austria to fulfill an important task: irrigation and water saving especially on hot summer days.

Water storage and drainage nonwoven for large pots and planters to cut to size yourself! On the one hand, the 13 mm thick LITE-POT XL nonwoven insert stores excess water like a sponge and, on the other hand, drains excess water through the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot. This also prevents the plants from being overwatered. Through the holes in combination with the nonwoven insert at the bottom, the roots can also be aerated from below. The LITE-POT XLnonwoven insert stores the water and releases it back to the plant later when needed. The LITE-POT XL saves daily watering and simplifies the care of your plants. The recycled water storage nonwoven can be used several times and stores approx. 12 l/m2 Wasser.

It also prevents bursting in winter due to water accumulation. The filter function retains soil and thus reduces contamination of the surrounding soil or terrace/balcony.



balcony boxes, pots, planters


LITE-POT XL is very easy to use! Place LITE-POT XL on the bottom of the pot, ideally with the slightly denser side on top. If necessary, simply cut to size, the nonwoven insert can also be pulled up a little at the sides. Place soil on top, plant, water sufficiently, done! Can be ideally combined with our LITE-STRIPS


  • Supplies your plants with water for several days
  • Reusable
  • Can be easily cut to size
  • Ideal for longer absences such as holidays or business trips
  • Plants cannot be overwatered
  • Soil contamination is reduced
  • Roots are aerated from below


LITE-POT XL water storage- and drainage nonwoven for balcony boxes, pots, planters is made of 100 % recycled polyester and is manufactured in Austria.

Quantity & size

1 pcs. 85 x 200 cm

For large projects, please contact us here.

LITE-POT XL: 85 x 200 cm water storage nonwoven insert NEW